Show us how we pay ! 42.8% of families make $50,000 or less a year – 48.9% make $60,000 or less, How can taxpayers afford Cawley?

I’m tired of listening to public sector employees, some with both adults in the house on the public payroll telling those of us in the private sector that a huge tax increase is no big deal.

For the working class families, the elderly, retired, and low income families it sure is!

While Councilor Elliott is disgustingly trying to turn the tragic death of a boy into a political grandstanding opportunity the self-proclaimed fiscal watchdog has not one asked the City Manager in public, How can the taxpayers afford Cawley?

Looking at the MSBA Presentation – It Shows the COST TO THE LOWELL TAXPAYER being $149,439,672 for Cawley with the 5 floors.

The yearly cost of debt service for Cawley over 30 year at 5% the City estimates to be $9,620,000 or 7.75% tax increase WITHOUT any other cost included.

In this week’s City Packet the Manager clearly shows another $11,024,500 in expenses BEFORE busing…and another $400,000 to repay the MSBA for roof work. Plus another $7,316,658 in interest on those charges.

That’s a total of $18,741, 158 added to the $149,439,672 for Cawley with the 5 floors.

Making it $169,180, 830. BEFORE ANY BUSING

For those who say the water issue should have been addressed years ago, ask Rodney or Rita why it hasn’t. They’ve been there a long time. Why didn’t either address High School Busing when they were Mayor if it’s so important? They didn’t care until it became politically convenient!

Where is the”average” tax payer going to come up with the money? So many of th families in the Lowell School System receive some sort of Federal or State Assistance that we qualify for the C.E P program that gives every student a free breakfast and lunch.

Many other families are working class folks who if they are fortunate have both parents working and are earning less than six figures and many are single parent families.

42.8% of families make $50,000 or less a year – 48.9% make $60,000 or less

What did former Senator Steve say? The private can no longer afford the public sector!

Someone ask the Manager what the total tax increase will be, what if any fees on water and sewerage will go up, what fees for using Athletic fields will increase to try to level out cost?

When and how will the city get out of a $2,250,000 structural deficit we are currently in and what the projected tax increase already looks like for the next fiscal year.

Show the Citizens that cost compared to Option 2
OPTION 2 is $8.71 Million a year for 30 years!

Explain why this Council and School Committee cannot see that this option is the best compromise for both sides and every Lowell Taxpayer!

Maybe on November 8th they will see it clearer!

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