There was Heat..LHS Head of School Message was distorted reporting!

This message from the Head of Lowell High School was in fact sent to me by a Cawley supporter. Sadly the facts were misreported, distorted and misrepresented to some media entities.


This is a transcript of a voice message just sent at 8:45pm

Good evening, this is Head of School Marianne Busteed calling all Lowell High School families and staff tonight, November 8th. This message is to let you know that the City of Lowell Lands and Building Department were onsite at Lowell High School for the past two days to ensure that the heat was up and running and working properly in all areas of Lowell High School. Although they worked until late this evening, there are still potentially a few areas that may not be fully functioning tomorrow. Please have your child dress in layers, especially in the Freshman Academy.

Thank you and have a good evening.

Never did the message say there was no heat, it stated “potentially a few areas that may not be fully functioning tomorrow” ..indicating that some may not have FULL heat so she was trying to be proactive and advise students dress in layers in case they were cold or to hot.

Manager Murphy, Tom Bellegarde and the City departments who are responsible are trying to do the correct thing and still get whacked for it.

The present conditions would be exactly the same conditions if the vote had been different and gone for Cawley. No matter what, this location has to remain open until at least 2022.

The lack of maintenance has gone on far to long but to his credit the current Manager and his administration are working on insuring this and all schools have working heat.

They are trying to do the right thing yet still get slammed for it…this time in my view unfairly!

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