Many Motions on this week’s Agenda after a cancelled meeting.

The last School Committee meeting was canceled due to the storm and no makeup meeting was called for by the Mayor. I guess I still haven’t learned to stop making so many motions but to be honest, several of my motions come directly from parents and staff, who have asked me about recess, blizzard bags, good friday and the lyceum.

Here are the motions for Wednesday Evenings School Committee Meeting from all the members.

8.I.[By Gerard Nutter]:
School Committee look into creating a mandatory citywide recess policy for all elementary and middle school students.

8.II.[By Gerard Nutter]:
Administration Provide a report of how many students per Lowell schools enter into Lowell High Lyceum and how many test for entry.

8.III.[By Gerard Nutter]:
Administration set up meeting with the Policy Subcommittee to establish a reasonable policy for responding to School Committee votes and motions.

8.IV.[By Gerard Nutter]:
School Committee consider the following additional items to be added to Agenda OLD Business and Announcements.

8.V.[By Jackie Doherty]:
Request the Superintendent provide the committee with a report that breaks down the number of Special Education Students, ELL, and homeless students by school along with staffing ratios currently in place to meet those needs.

8.VI.[By Gerard Nutter]:
Lowell School Committee work with Asst Superintendent of Curriculum to explore creating remote learning programs or blizzard bags to be used after 5 snow days.

8.VII.[By Gerard Nutter]:
Lowell explore permanently changing Good Friday to an Early Release Day rather than a no school day.

[By Connie Martin]:
Request that the Administration provide the Lowell School Committee with written recommendations at the April 4th, 2018 meeting, to engage an outside firm to conduct a Human Resources Compliance Audit with a deadline of June 30, 2018 for completion of said audit.

8.IX.[By Gerard Nutter]:
Request Superintendent supply explanation why according to Outside Auditors Powers & Sullivan during the 2016/ 2017 school year, approximately $807,000 of grant proceeds were turned back unused. Report should include copies of each grant, what the total grant received was, what portion of the grant was spent and why the remainder wasn’t use along with total dollars of each grant returned.

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