Lack of City Action causing issues and more Gameplay increases my frustration!

Lowell Public School Committee Regular Meeting Agenda
Date:June 20, 2018
Time: 6:30PM
Location: City Council Chamber, 375 Merrimack Street, 2nd Floor, Lowell, MA 01852

[By Gerard Nutter]:
Request the Superintendent send the City Manager a letter (email) by June 29th Requesting on behalf of the School Committee, that the City conduct complete Code Inspections (Building, Electrical, Plumbing- including heating/cooling systems, Water, Fire, Safety and Sanitary) of EVERY City School building and present the finding to the City Council and School Committee before the beginning of the 2018/2019 School Year

That motion was withdrawn after we were told that the City was already doing that for the Collins Report! My own fault for again believing the City and today we see this story.

Really? Now this…Board to discuss “critical” sanitary code violations at Lowell schools

Based on the Fire Code violations and now this story it is no wonder the buildings are in deplorable shape. Inspections aren’t being done and the School Committee or School Dept Administration is apparently being given false information.

Had they just done what was needed instead of feeding us a line of BS maybe this could have been prevented!

I’m only one vote and all I can do is keep submitting motions, follow them through and share my frustrations.

The outgoing Superintendent continues to try and delay and play games so we are moving on with his hearing and it will be televised on LTC and WCAP will also broadcast it this Wednesday The Sun will be covering the meeting and I’ve reached out to contacts at Ch. 5 and 7 along with Masslive and several newspapers to attend and cover this meeting.

A $2,000,000 budget shortfall and a four-year $500,000 structural deficit because of charges wrongly made against the Food Service Account is in my opinion more than enough justification no matter what a former SC member who hired him and still defends him tries to say.

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