DEFICIT IS REAL , Past Administration responsible! So are Conway- Scott – Elliott

I now can say and should be able to say without any concern or consideration….. the former administration, the past administration, you supported an administration that helped bankrupt one community and still hired him in Lowell! You spoke on behalf of someone who put us in fiscal jeopardy for the next four years.. The past administration caused this food service deficit, the past administration had no structure for finances, the former administration ran the finances like there was unlimited cash..there isn’t!

I don’t have to use a Proper name to get my point across but I will NEVER AGREE to be gagged so I can’t use past or former administrator, administration and couldn’t remind the voters / taxpayers of the people who continue to support and supported that type of fiscal mismanagement.

People who ran out Jean Franco and Jay Lang neither who ran this district into the fiscal mess the past administration did and people need to remember Dave Conway – Kim Scott- Rodney Elliott and the UTL Union Leadership who contributed to this mess and who blindly support 1 man over 14,000 students and staff.

UTL Leadership should recall the past before aligning with former SC members who supported fiscal mismanagement but opposed union negotiations

This entry was posted on my blog in Politics on January 23, 2015

Why is it we have, to my recollection never heard a City Manager or City Council ask for, demand or even suggest to newspaper reporters, bloggers or radio host that Police, Fire or local 1705 negotiate in public or have contract negotiations in public?

I don’t recall the Greater Lowell Tech, Chelmsford or Dracut School Committees asking for public negotiations, why is it we always hear about a few Lowell School Committee members asking for public negotiations?

The only difference I see is UTL has Paul Georges an experienced long and strong Union President. Is Paul really that intimidating?

Remind me, was Kevin Murphy’s ” employment agreement” done in public? Was Supt. Jean Franco’s? Either the Two year one she agreed to that the committee reneged on or the one year one they settled on?

So why does the Committee want public negotiations? To embarrass the Union and Paul? To play for votes? To get the court of public opinion on their side against this big bad man and the union he represents?

On Facebook in response to my post yesterday, School Committee member Kim Scott posted the following apparently in support of the Mayors comments in yesterday’s SUN.

I completely disagree with you on the non-responsiveness of the committee. Also, a 1% raise for the teachers union is over $1,000,0000 and if Mr. George’s proposed 5% a year, then it would be over $5,00,0000. I have kids in the schools and I am a taxpayer as well. I believe negotiating in public would certainly eliminate a lot of the misinformation shared with media. Supt. Franco has many strong qualities and one of them is certainly her relationship with the unions.

Again a School Committee member publicly asking for negotiations to be held in public,this time claiming it would stop media “misinformation “. Why don’t we see this with any other city Union except the teachers and we only see this with the School Committee?

To the Very FEW uninformed or uneducated people who still don’t get the fact we have a $2.4 Million dollar shortfall or a $500,000 structural deficit for the next 4 years because of irresponsible use of the food service account, I just don’t understand what you can’t clearly see? or why you choose to support 1 man over 14,000 students! Except that you hired him and purposely try to misdirect, mislead and lie about the reasons for his termination! for your own self interest or ignorance.

I voted for termination for Proven, Documented Fiscal Malfeasance! which I campaigned on and showed. Along with his insubordination by supplying me with a false budget when I was elected, never informing this or the previous School Committee he submitted a budget without the vote of the Committee and not providing 100% factual information to us in monthly budget reports.

food service

$1.3 saved

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