School Committee has no say in sayeth City Solicitor!

Tonight I went to City Hall for the Executive Session regarding the Election Lawsuit which the School Committee is named as a defendant!

To their credit Councilors Mercier and Leahy offered to ask for a vote to allow me to attend but the City Solictor stated she would advise against it since the power to agree to any changes in the way Lowell votes. She did say that once the Council reaches a decision they would have a joint meeting with all the named plaintiffs to tell us what the decided!

What I found interesting is that Eda Matchak Director of Elections / Municipal Hearings is allowed to be part of the meeting but the named Election Commissioners are not nor is the Elected School Committee or the individual members named. Eda works for the City Solicitor since the Election Division falls under the Legal Dept. so an unnamed Department Head is allowed but not named defendants?

I have a motion on tomorrow nights school committee agenda requesting an update that I may have to change to request having our School Committee lawyer send the plaintiffs lawyers and the Federal Magistrate handling the mediation a letter requesting the Lowell School Committee be withdrawn from the lawsuit as defendants since according to the City’s Solicitor we have no standing.

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