LHS Project cost on Target..ignore CDS Naysayers!

I was very pleased to see the design and cost for the LHS project come in at what many of us had hoped would be the cost. The City’s share of the $343,399,220 project will be $129,267,512 somewhere in the neighborhood of a 64% reimbursement rate from the MSBA

That will result in roughly the 6% – 8% Tax increase range that has been predicted for the “average” household.

PLEASE don’t listen to the “Naysayers”, people who are and always will be against the project.

They are trying to be the experts , stating information to make themselves sound like the Professionals who have done this across the state. They know better than those people who actually do this for a living…just listen to them, they actually belive that!

Ironically they are using communities like Arlington and Belmont to compare Lowell against who are using the same company Skanska that Lowell is using but accepting Skanska’s numbers for those communities while questioning Skanska’s numbers for Lowell.


To take a cue from politics, maybe these people suffer from Cawley Derangement Syndrome. Diagnosed as an irrational inability to accept the results of a majority supported project they failed to get their way on.

They don’t really understand the finances and they aren’t comparing project to project. That would involve research understanding and relaying facts..something as hard to find in someone affected by CDS has a 99 restaurant in Dracut is.

The difference in reimbursable items allowed affects cost from project to project because of the differences in each project. Lowell is getting reimbursed around 64% compared to Somerville which is getting reimbursed for less than 50% by the MSBA, Saugus between 53% – 57% , Arlington between 40% – 45% and Belmont around 40% reimbursement because of the items they are adding that are Not MSBA reimbursable which are driving up the Total Project cost.

For instance Arlington includes the creation of 30 Electric Car Charging Stations and infrastructure ready for electric cars for the other 90% of parking, adding Turf fields and lights and a new amphitheater.

Belmont is going to be a Grade 7-12 School and it requires Modular classes.

Somerville has modular classes for two years and includes Vocational Shops (Electic, HVAC,Carpentry, Plumbing, Metal Fab.) and adding an athletic field.

Attleboro MA is building a Rotary, running new utilities, creating new parking areas and doing a field relocation and a new athletic complex.

Saugus is a grade 6-12 school with a new sports complex, 750 seat auditorium and includes some construction updates to its elementary and middle school.

Wouldn’t the cost of goods and materials used to include these items in those projects cost more in construction than the materials required for Lowell’s project? Explaining the difference in per square cost?

Here is some information about these other school projects:

Somerville shops

Somerville High School renovation process made easier through modular construction

About the Project _ Town of Saugus MA

Attleboro Work


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