What’s wrong with Recruiting? Why would we NOT want to talk with these people?

Thanks John Leahy for carrying such a heavy load!

I heard (then watched) a few City Councilors upset with the notion of reaching out to recruit someone to come to Lowell for a Supt. position (Ironically angst from a group that predetermined the current politically appointed City Manager and a group who conducted a sham process).

I don’t know why they seemed upset that Councilor Leahy who has a much stronger history in supporting education than most Councilors would dare suggest something that “ISN’T THE WAY WE’VE ALWAYS DONE THINGS”!

I have no idea why one councilor reacted so negatively about my idea of recruiting actual qualified people and not a political pal with no experience to lead a multimillion dollar district.

I didn’t even submit a formal motion! I just spoke with a person who has spent many years concerned for education in Lowell, who has served Lowell has both a School Committee member and City Councilor to get his perspective on my idea.

Who knows if these people would even be interested? I just thought based on what I had read and researched about them, that reaching out to them would be the best thing for our school system.

One of them has this history on their résumé: Randolph Public Schools – Randolph,MA – Oversaw one of the most diverse school districts in the Commonwealth. The district make up: 53% African-American, 17% Asian, 10% Hispanic, 17% White, 3% other and 55% of the families were classified as low income.

Why would we NOT want someone with that background? Even if it’s only to talk with them and hear about what and how they did things? Why is knowledge or attempting to get the best and brightest available a negative thing?

I simply reached out to the Boston School Committee to ask for public information on qualified..really qualified..not political friends but truly qualified people to run this school system writing – ” I was wondering if when you completed the selection of a Superintendent for Boston if you would be willing to forward the resumes of the other two finalist ?” “I would like to reach out to them and see if they would be willing to come to Lowell for a visit, meeting and possible interview.”

I recall Chelmsford doing the same after the Lowell interview process, grabbing the best available qualified person NOT getting the Lowell job and it seems to me that their school district is in better shape than Lowell’s is!!!

I understand the Salary requirements may be an issue but why would we NOT want to try to talk with these people? Below are their interviews with the Boston School Committee along with their resumes. The selection according to the gentleman I emailed with will take place on May 1st 2019.

Boston City TV
Published on Apr 22, 2019
Three final candidates are being considered for the position of the Superintendent of Boston Public Schools.
The finalists take part in public interviews which include questions from students, parents, educators, community partners, and others.
All three finalists are seasoned education leaders who have deep experience in urban schools.

BPS Superintendent Interviews: School Committee, Marie Izquierdo

BPS Superintendent Interviews: School Committee, Dr. Brenda Cassellius

BPS Superintendent Interviews: School Committee, Dr. Oscar Santos

OS resume redacted

BC resume redacted FINAL TO USE

MI resume redacted

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