Sunday Ramblings

First a Thank You to the many friends , former CYO / St. Michael‘s family and supporters who sent me condolences on my Mom.

Starting with my friend Warren reaching out offering support and any help and assistance needed. A Special Thanks to State Rep Tom Golden, Mayor Bill Samaras, SC colleagues Bob Hoey, Connie Martin, Andy Decouteaux and Dominic Lay, Senator Ed Kennedy, City Councilors Rita Mercier and Dave Conway for their attendance or kind words and especially to City Councilor Jim Milinazzo for providing me a chance to laugh and remembering how my mom loved to laugh. Minerva, Mary and Billie Jo, Superintendent Durkin and her husband Jerry and incoming Superintendent Boyd for representing the School Administration. Thanks to the Sun for admitting and correcting their mistake and a wish that whatever cemetery you use, they open the correct gravesite, not another relatives one , although it did remind my family that mom would have found humor in the mix up…

Not surprised considering his endless support of Dr. K and his financial mismanagement but sad that a School Committee candidate would have chosen someone like Stacey Scott over Dr. Boyd. Considering rumors abound about this candidate passing out political material while substitute teaching I guess I shouldn’t expect much in the way of sound reasoning from him.

The School Committee will have to ask the current and incoming Administration to present us with three outlooks concerning funding. Especially since the budget is set but the City has decided to add a $250,000 Water Bill after the fact.

1) How do we address the unplanned $250,000 bill and what gets cut if we receive no additional funding from the State?

2) What are the plans if we get the Senates Budget providing another $3,000,000?

3) What are the plans if the compromised Senate/House number is around $1,000,000?

Congratulations to all LHS Seniors who will graduate this Wednesday. Whether you go out into the workplace, college, military service or a technical school be proud that you have reached this goal of graduation. You have reached an achievement and accomplishment be proud of yourself and feel good. Enjoy the day, the family and friends!

Not surprised that the supposed meeting with the School Committee and Election Commissioners with the City Council and City Administration to review the Voting Rights Lawsuit Settlement before it was submitted and settled never took place. Only an email the night before the public was informed. Just another example of how little respect the City Solicitor and current Administration gives this School Committee.

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