Reasons for termination !

Let’s make the 2019/2020 School Committee race about Fiscal Responsibility! Does the public support a School Committee willing to hold a Superintendent and administration responsible or do they support allowing funds to be misused, over spent and budget deficits resulting in owing the State Food Service account $2,000,000?

In case you missed it in the Sun or on their Website!

Termination Letter

1. Unacceptable Oversight of the Operation and Management of the District’s Budget . and Business Practices.

2. Insubordination toward the Lowell School Committee.

3. Failure to Respond to Alleged Safety Violations.

4. Improper Management of Lowell Public School Personnel.

5. Failure to Timety Respond to Lowell School Committee Motions’

6. Failure to Follow Sound Business Practices when Soliciting Bids/Proposals for Student Bus Contract.

The above represents an account of your failure to comply with your contractual obligations as a Superintendent. Additional performance issues remain under review and the Lowell School Committee Committee reserves all rights to supplement this letter and to provide additional details regarding the matters for which your termination is contemplated.

Pursuant to Article 5 of your Contract, and based on good cause, the Lowell School Committee hereby serves this Notice of Contemplated Termination. Pursuant to your contract, you have the right to elect a hearing before the School Committee within 30 days of receipt of this notice. Should you choose not to elect a hearing, your termination will be effective on the thirtieth day, or the date you notify the Committee that you will not be requesting a hearing, in the event you decide to not elect a hearing.