If we are to truly make a change, I support this option

Not that anyone (including the City Council collectively) has asked but if we truly have to change the voting system then I say to truly make a change..this option should be presented to the voters.

City Council Option B: Eight district city councilors and three at-large. At least two districts majority-minority.

School Committee Option B: Four district members and two at-large. At least one district majority-minority.

If the idea of the Lawsuit is to fairly give minority candidates a better opportunity then this does so. They have 2 defined districts for Council and one for School Committee.

There would still be 3 at large seats for Council and 2 for School Committee for those who want to continue to run City wide.

Rank Choice voting is in my view nothing more than a popularity or name recognition contest and does very little to insure a more even playing field for minority candidates. At least having established districts (at least 2) gives the appearance of a sincere attempt at a level playing field and settling the lawsuit in the manner I think was intended.

In truth it really doesn’t matter what I or anyone but the 9 current Councilors say on Tuesday Sept. 3rd.

Then it is up to the plaintiffs and advocates to campaign for what they think is the best option put forward because those that oppose the change I believe will try to force Rank choice voting on us and not much will change here in Lowell….until the next lawsuit!