Happy Labor Day !

My father was a Union Steward for the Post Office for as long has I can remember. So was my cousin Jim. My dad believed that unions protected the workers.

My father believed strongly in a hard work ethic and instilled that in all of us. He taught us if we were 15 minutes early we were late!

Today I want to say Thanks to all the hard working people in the Lowell School System from our custodians who work to keep these buildings clean, the clerks who are the backbone of the schools, the food service workers, social workers, ELL and special needs workers, the para’s and our outstanding teachers, vice principals, department heads, principals and administration.


To the rest of the citizens/voters who work 40 hours or more, I Thank You for all you do. I have a son who is an electrician, another a Service Manager for Harley in Billerica, one daughter is a stay at home mom, the other starting college. I’m in Printing and my wife works for UPS. We are just like most of those in Lowell, hard working average people doing our best.

Happy Labor Day to ALL !

Alabama – Forty Hour Week (For A Livin’)