Still Lowell Red Raiders ! used to be Red and Gray’s or just Raiders.

Preliminary Election Next week.. Thorndike Street BIG Fill to get underway, bridges under construction, Central St. bridge started and stopped with no real explanation , Beaver St. bridge closed for the next 2 years but a miscommunication over an existing policy has the local talk show host riling people up on social media… about a NICKNAME

Lowell High has gone through MANY Nicknames .. Red and Gray’s – The Raiders and the Red Raiders over the years. I’ve heard that it was under legendary coach Ray Riddick that the name Raiders was first used..then they supposedly were known as Riddick’s Raiders and has gone back and forth from Raiders to Red Raiders.

BTW: RED comes from the name Red and Gray’s and has NOTHING to do with native Americans!

Supposedly for a brief time in the late 80’s or 90’s an Indian figurehead was used for a short time but it was removed without any discussion just as it came in without a discussion. .

FACT – IF and Until a PUBLIC discussion takes place, the “nickname” of the Lowell Sports teams will continue to be the “Red Raiders”…

FACT _ Since Brian Martin was “Headmaster” he re-branded LHS Athletics and we haven’t printed Red Raiders on any School Uniforms in Years (at least we were not suppose to) That was extended to warm ups and other items. There hasn’t to my knowledge ever been a “raiders” mascot and the LHS Athletic Logo is supposed to include this.

The confusion over the Raiders issue now I am told, stemmed from a miscommunication about branding because a Coach decided to bring back a shirt that was eliminated years ago. maybe he thought he could get away with it with a AD, Head of School and Supt. who may not be aware of the elimination of Red Raiders.

When an Asst Supt. saw the shirt and knew that is was not correct the AD was reminded that we need to brand all Athletics the same way and that RED Raiders was not included. For some reason the AD went in another direction that I’m told was never intended and somehow the talk show host even with the AD letter in front of him chose to assume somehow that this was a directive from the Supt. because Central Administration was referred to.

In my research it appears that the memo should have simply read:

The Department of Athletics has received a directive from Central Administration regarding the branding of our school mascot and logo. Going forward, any “extra” apparel (t shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc.) must be approved by the Athletics Department…When ordering merchandise we should only be using the approved LHS athletics shield or LHS lettering and not produce anything with “Red Raiders” verbiage.

but ended up referencing NOT referring to our team as Red Raiders, which is still the nickname and included not offending any group(s) or individuals by using Native American symbolism which the name NEVER referred to.

Until and unless we have a formal public discussion after some reviews and recommendations, Lowell’s nickname is and will continue to be the RED RAIDERS

Author: Gerry Nutter's - Looking at Lowell

I'm BACK...! I've followed the finances and issues with the City of Lowell and the Lowell School Dept. for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! After serving 1 term on the School Committee I am back with my view on the events, people and politics of Lowell.

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