History lesson on Nickname…1980’s wasn’t Miller Time!

What COULD have been in the past, but never was!

Unlike a talk show host with hours to fill with rumors and innuendo, My role as an elected official is to provide facts and the FACT is there is NOT nor has there been ANY MOTION – Or Proposal to date and there has been NO Discussion by Central Office / the Supt. / The Equity Officer or anyone else in Central Administration up through today with the School Committee to change the NICKNAME of Lowell athletics..indisputable FACT!

Here’s a history lesson from the 1980’s.. I believe the Supt. with the support of the Friends of Lowell High wanted to change the name and a contest was held…the SC at first seemed to agree on changing the name but when the students  and coaches overwhelmingly wanted to keep the Raiders name , along with the SUN editorial supporting the Red Raiders and the tradition , the School Committee voted to keep the Red Raiders name.


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BTW: RED comes from the name Red and Gray’s and has NOTHING to do with native Americans!

FACT – I no longer have 4 hours compared to TEDDY’s 20 to discuss FACTS or Rumors on the radio..I’ve already been banned from the radio for SEVEN weeks.

FACT – I do NOT work for or at the Radio Station, NEVER have and even though I’ve been on Saturday’s for six years with Warren, filled in as host whenWarren was away , subbed for Teddy and Ryan and hosted Preliminary Election result shows.. to be clear..I AM NOT  and have NEVER been Paid or received even a Gift Certificate..It’s a hobby I enjoy , at least on Saturday’s…I am not “One of Them” or “friends” with them (except for the Saturday Morning Team)!  This was emphasized and confirmed to me when NO ONE from the station (except SML team) bothered to offer any condolences in the form of a sympathy card, text message, social media comment, phone call or attend services when my MOM passed away in May.

To put this issue in perspective  …we’re going to change the way Lowell elects it’s officials – We have a preliminary election Tuesday – We have a significant tax increase for the HS project on the horizon and the city wants you to voluntarily tax yourself another 1.5% to join the CPA program that they’ve ignored for a decade or more to get back $.19 on your dollar from the State..The Beaver Street bridge is going to be closed for two years ..The Thorndike St big fill is about to start ..We have homeless people living on the S. Common near the Stem School…The Central St. bridge started and stopped with no explanation – no city auditor and the biggest issue for the local radio station is an email  about a school teams nickname?

Where’s  Joe and Casey when you need them?

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