Statement from LPS

Up until Ted Panos brought up the Red Raiders name in referencing the email communication regarding it , there had been no discussion or dialogue about the name Red Raiders.

Nor in my own opinion do I think we need to address this. There is in my view nothing wrong with the name Red Raiders but Teddy certainly has created discussion / dialogue both Pro and Con and the administration has apparently listened and read social media post and tonight released this statement:

LPS Statement

The history of the Lowell High School team nickname has varied over the past decades – with at least three different representations since the 1940s – with the most current being “Red Raiders”. With no existing mascot representation to accompany the nickname, it is unclear of the origins of the nickname. The name “Red Raiders” began as a reference to the school’s uniform colors and the original school nickname of “Red and Grays.” During the 1980s, the nickname and mascot came to be represented using Native American references, which was removed over time, most notably in 2013.

Today, this discourse provides the opportunity for the school community to come together and formally document the history of the team nickname and become unified around a color scheme, logo and mascot that maintains the traditions of the school and respects Lowell High’s stated values of responsibility, integrity, determination, engagement and respect. Over the course of the next several months, a student group which reflects a cross-section of the student body will engage in a meaningful conversation around this topic and lead a community-wide process to develop a policy recommendation for consideration by the School Committee. ​

While I think we have many more important issues that need policy review , I understand the decision of the Administration to use this discourse to open up a discussion and will look forward in the next term (I’m hopefully still serving)to find out the history and listen to input from the students and anyone in the Community who wants to share their thoughts on the long history and Red Raiders tradition!

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