A Heartfelt Message from Councilor Karen Cirillo

(Copied from her FB Post)

Good Afternoon Community of Lowell,

As I mentioned in an earlier post to you, I have had health issues. I was hospitalized twice in the last month or so. I needed surgery during my first stay at Tufts and then two weeks later I was re-admitted for follow-up testing. The doctors were concerned because of my history with cancer, but in the end I received the very good news that no cancer was found. I am thankful. This issue will take months and possibly another surgery for me to heal and no longer be in pain.

This brings me to today and my knowledge that this will take extended time to heal. I will need time to help my body through, to stop the pain that I currently live with.

While I came in a strong 13th for the General Election, I have made the very difficult decision to remove my name from the ballot. My choices were weighed, all my options thought through, and in the end my health and well-being won.

I have loved giving back to this beautiful city I call home. I am glad I was able to serve the residents of this city, and am very happy with all the ways I have led Lowell forward. This was never a part-time job for me. I treated it and you, the community, with the love and care I feel you deserve. I will continue to do so until the newly elected City Council take their seats.

With this, I begin a new chapter in which I will be able to give back in other ways. This opens new doors for me. I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.

I give my heartfelt thanks to all who have supported me from the beginning in 2017 and throughout my time on City Council. I have been truly blessed with the kindest and most loving family and friends. I could not have succeeded without you. From my heart, you have changed me for the better.

My warmest regards,

City Councilor Karen Cirillo

Author: Gerry Nutter's - Looking at Lowell

I'm BACK...! I've followed the finances and issues with the City of Lowell and the Lowell School Dept. for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! After serving 1 term on the School Committee I am back with my view on the events, people and politics of Lowell.

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