Motions for Wednesday October 2nd 2019

6.III. [By Gerard Nutter]:
Request report on school incidents related to contraband items brought into schools and student restraint by staff in relation to (1) compliance with district policy and (2) maintaining the safety of students and staff.

6.IV. [By Gerard Nutter]:
Request Administration to provide update on Television Mobile Studio Van, studio equipment and staffing.

6.V. [By Gerard Nutter]:
Request Administration work with City, Lowell Police and Shelter to address homeless living on South Common especially South Street near pool area sidewalk. Several parents have reached out to express concerns with students who walk. Also request Administration to update Committee on Parking issues and classroom / restroom concerns at the Stem Academy including an update on debris found outside the school that may contain asbestos.

Follow Up to Unanswered Motions

Request Administration ask City Manager’s Office if the City had the Lowell Health, Sanitation, Electric, Fire, Code and Building Inspectors fully inspected every school building in Lowell beginning at the end of the School Year per 7-0 School Committee Vote at the June 19th Meeting and if they did please provide School Committee with copy of Inspection Reports by Oct 16th meeting along with plan to address any issues.