Proud of helping to Move Lowell Schools Forward…need your help to continue!

As my 1st term winds down I look back with Pride over what I have been able to be part of to move Lowell Schools Forward.

1) Removed an Administration who ran up a $2,000,000Food Service Debt with the State, created fiscal turmoil with the 2018/2019 budget and who Powers and Sullivan stated purposely hid bills due in 2018 to try to pay them in 2019

2) Hired a young, dynamic leader to bring Lowell Schools Forward and who is working with every corner of this city to create a Strategic Plan for the School District

3) Listened to the parents, students and community about the need to bring Diversity to the staff and for the 1st time in my lifetime have diversity in the Central Office, proud to highlight that 6 of 8 district & school leaders appointed in LPS since 7/1 represent diverse populations!

4) Supported the creation of The Renaissance Network: Supporting Chronically Under Performing Schools along with On Site-Based Budgeting And Fair Student Funding

5) Began the process of reviewing and updating the Policy Manual for the Lowell School District.

6) Loudly Advocated for fairer funding from BOTH the State and the City

7) Encouraged and welcome more Parental and community involvement supporting Project Learn, The Citywide Parent Council working with The Lowell Education Justice Alliance (LEJA) on a district wide recess policy and expanding hours at the Family Resource center.

8) Advocated and received more maintenance and repairs at our schools and encouraged the City to take part in the MSBA accelerated repair program.

9) Advocated and passed the use of “Blizzard Bags”, championed looking at a return to Neighborhood Schools, and continue to advocate the need to restore Libraries in our elementary and middle schools.

10) Willingness to listen to concern of parents, students and community members and bring items to the districts attention.

There is much work to still due, we’ve just begun updating the policy manual, the High School project will be underway soon, the State District Wide Review will be out soon and we need to continue to work with City Manager Donoghue to keep funding Capital projects and repairs in all our schools.

I ask you to please consider me on November 5th for one of your 6 votes for Lowell School Committee so I can continue to help move Lowell Schools Forward!