Financial FACTS: Why I stand behind my vote to remove the former Superintendent!

FACT we owe the State $2,000,000 in the Food Service Account!

Maybe candidates should Review the Financial Facts that negatively affected Students before defending the former SUPT! Look at the financial state we were in and the negative impact it had on our students and staff ! One of the candidates admitted in June 2019 he hadn’t read either the fiscal audit or the Powers and Sullivan Report. If we elect committee members who don’t want to do the work and study the facts then fiscal mismanagement and State takeover of the Schools is inevitable!

Here are a few memo’s regarding the state of the 2018/2019 budget, the Fiscal Audit and the Powers and Sullivan Review

This is why I stand behind my vote to remove the former Superintendent!

How any School Committee member or Candidate can defend 1 man over 15,000 students is something I don’t understand.

AUG 15

Aug 23

Stem Start time

Aug 30th

Lowell Forensic Review

Purposely withheld invoices

We have concluded that School management intentionally withheld food service and general fund invoices during 2018 with the intent to charge the expenditures to the 2019 budget.

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