Disappointed but NOT Totally Unexpected!

Thursday’s (11/7/2019) Sun Editorial

I think the Sun was only partially correct about my defeat. The Supt vote was just a small reason, my continued posting about issues here and advocating on radio, City Life and at meetings contributed heavily.

I’m a realist..I never had HUGE Support or a Strong base…never knocked on doors..I only won by 65 votes in 2017 based on my belief the High School should stay downtown due to the fiscal impact on the taxpayers. If I had supported Cawley I wouldn’t have had the opportunity and honor to serve.

Once that issue went away so did the supporters..no one cares how well you do your job and no one cares about someone who talks constantly about $$, especially when the State is providing millions in Chapt. 70 and especially when I’m upsetting their favorite appointed + elected officials talking about inflated / phony Maintenance of Effort charges, challenging Union Leadership and pushing back against political power players. SC members should be seen but not heard as often as I made sure I was heard.

It’s frustrating that they don’t care about the students, they just want their people in power who will do things the way it’s always been done or the way they want it done.

I continued after being elected to upset too many and I constantly was battling against Lowell’s 2nd City motto “We’ve Always Done It that way!

Regardless I am PROUD of my vote to terminate a Supt. who left us in fiscal chaos during the 2018/2019 school year, who left us with a $2,000,000 deficit that has to be repaid to the state and who had such shoddy control of finances, it allowed someone to embezzle $50,000 in student funds.

I advocated for new voices to select a Supt. upsetting many long involved ego’s who not only wanted a say but an interim Supt. I advocated for students over adults.. which upset LONG Time educational people especially Adult Ed supporters who disliked me pointing out that our elected position calls for us to be advocates for grades K-12 NOT ADULTS!

I challenged the UTL Leadership and questioned and called out their coziness and blind loyalty for the past Supt., always putting him BEFORE the students.

I’ve pointing out that their PAID INFORMERCIAL heard on WCAP hosted by Paul Georges is equal to listening to Richard Simmons and sweating to the oldies…hardly entertaining, very biased and the reason it’s on is to push for $$$$. Never ever be confused when listening to these COMPENSATED UNION OFFICIALS !


I’ve written a truth that many don’t want to hear..Trying to create change in Lowell’s School System is like trying to swim in a molasses pond.

No matter what, It’s been a great honor to have been given the opportunity to serve, I think KNOW I will have left the the School Department and especially the School Administration in a much better place than when I started and definitely in better financial shape.

Thank You for the opportunity to have served, it’s been an honor, we have a good/ potentially strong>great young dynamic Supt. to reshape Lowell Schools for the positive if the old time politics and power players of Lowell don’t interfere to much, we have diversity in the front office for the first time in my life and we have started the foundation for a plan to improve all schools..it’s up to this next school committee to not allow this improvement to be messed up!

It’s been an honor to serve…I advocated for what I believe is in the students best interest, I always use my own name when I put information in writing, I am well prepared for every meeting and I stand behind my votes.

Thank You to all who voted for me, all who made a donation, held or let me place a sign, Thank you especially for the kind words and the support!

I still have 3 more meetings..then onto who knows what is next?