We need to remember “This isn’t really remote learning “ ..its Educational assistance in a shelter in place environment!

The State, specifically DESE in my view has not provided concrete direction for remote learning..there is zero direction or assurance that those on IEP’s or 504 plans will have the same accessibility or programs to meet their needs and individual school districts have been left open to the no doubt to come legal complains.

Realistically..No District or even DESE could have projected the need and circumstances that required this abrupt change in the educational format.

To those who will complain and attack , threaten legal action, complain about the education plans whatever they are, I say for once offer a positive realistic suggestion or shut up and stop complaining! Most involved in education are doing the best they can.

Everyone needs to remember this isn’t really formal “remote learning “. At best, it’s a way to keep contact with students , assist parents and caregivers in supplying educational material and trying to re-establish the formal learning process.

The hard truth is we don’t know what’s going on in every child’s household. How many are dealing with family members being ill, how many are babysitting siblings or are working at a family business? How many have parents or caregivers who will assist them getting online or with the work? All of this is unknown!

The same goes for our teachers and support staff…they are at home with their families and have to figure out how to support both their students and families. They maybe caregivers for someone ill or figuring out how to get their children’s educational work while instructing students.

Having been a substitute teacher and worked at a school doing In-house suspension, I know how hard it is to teach in a normal setting let alone in these times.

From what I’ve viewed online most of the Teaching staff of the Lowell public schools have been doing their best to stay-in contact with students, despite a few Union Officials demeaning their efforts or telling them fellow members have a legal right to do little to nothing

The “formal” process of remote learning is supposed to begin this week, just keep in mind this is a work in process for EVERYONE involved and will be used as a learning tool and foundation for the future but it’s not really 100 % remote learning..its Educational assistance in a shelter in place environment!

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