No April Vacation Required…keep the Educational process going !

Think about this…Even if “we get back to normal” on May 4th 2020 (Doubtful in my mind) with no Colleges open, no sports still and the likelihood of no LMA or Tsongas shows that week, Lowell High School would be by far the most densely populated venue in the city.

Even if “the peak” is reached in the next week or two..does anyone really think that it is a wise or prudent idea to re-open public schools at all this year? Once you reach a “peak” don’t you still have to DESCEND? I’m pretty confident the “peak” will not be followed by a GIANT DROP OFF!

No one can be 100% certain that every student, staff, faculty or families of, have been strictly adhering to “Social Distancing” . We do not know if any or how many of our families have been directly or indirectly in contact with someone who has this virus. Some people may have symptoms and choose NOT to be tested and let it run its course or be a carrier without ever experiencing symptoms.

There is a “discussion” on whether to hold April “Vacation”..really? For the first 3 weeks of shutdown there was no formal education going on or at least minimal with no mandated action.

Beginning April 6th we now have a more structured if still imperfect system in place and yet some UNION Officials and Elected Officials think we should stop that for a week for VACATION?

How many are going to a closed Disney? Opening a Beach House while the beach is closed? Going up North for some late Spring Skiing at a closed resort?

Isn’t it better to keep the Educational process, as imperfect has it may be continuing? Don’t the students who need education, structure , support and meals deserve this? Isn’t it suppose to be ABOUT THE STUDENTS AND EDUCATION?

No April Vacation Required…keep the Educational process going !
Take a long weekend, much like this one and close for “Patriots Day”!

The students, staff and essential support personal and their families deserves a break, but there is nothing to be gained by cancelling for a non “vacation” when in my view the chances of school ever opening before the fall is remote.

Keep the “new education in a quarantine state” going…NO Contracts that I know mandate a Spring break..contracts are based on 180 – 183 days of work and we are in no danger of exceeding that.

There is no comparison between face to face learning and remote learning, our teachers as many are finding out cannot be replaced by an on-line presence but the reality is the chances of any more face to face learning in the 2019/2020 school year is slim to none and we should continue the little momentum we have begun.

I applaud the Dracut School Dept. and School Committee for their actions and information/planning for the rest of this year. Neighboring School Districts including Lowell and Greater Lowell Tech should follow their lead.

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