Random Thoughts while Social Distancing

“Remember a heart isn’t measured by how much you love but by how much you are loved by others”

Losing a loved one is always difficult but losing someone or having someone go into the hospital during this crisis has got to put such an emotional strain on families. Not being able to say goodbye or even visit must be even more difficult and heart wrenching than usual.

I’m fortunate to be able to “work” from home but many cannot and while I thank and appreciate the emt’s, fire fighters, police, doctors and nurses at the hospitals, grocery store employees etc. I have a huge concern for the staff at long term care / nursing homes who seem to be somewhat forgotten.

When you realize that here in Massachusetts the number of deaths in long-term care facilities now accounts for 52% of COVID-19 fatalities and the large number of outbreaks in these facilities the emotional strain on the staff has to be close to unbearable no matter what training you have or how long you have worked there.

I hope the federal or state government provides free counseling for these people. Many are taking care of their own families, worrying about their own parents while doing their jobs and trying to comfort those that are sick.

The Colonel put a bug in my ear that I hadn’t thought of and we probably will never know the answer to…how many of the residents in long term care facilities have DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate) orders in place that are being followed if a resident starts feeling ill or showing signs of this virus? Should families pull those during this crisis?

I hope the individual communities find a way to hold proms and graduations sometime between June and the middle of August but I doubt very much students return to face to face learning this school year.

A shout out to Mayor Leahy who has been at every event he should be but unlike some past Mayors has followed the Plan E form of Government and allowed the City Manager to be the face of Lowell during this crisis.

I hope the City Council switches to Zoom meetings..much better for those of us watching at home than the present format. The School Committee meetings look good on LTC and surprisingly have 100 people (including participants) logged into the zoom meeting.

No one can explain to me why it makes sense that in the next municipal election a School Committee member will represent TWICE the number of residents a City Councilor does?

State Reps Tom Golden , Dave Nangle and Colleen Geary along with Congresswoman Lori Trahan have all been very active and informative without seeking attention or doing political grandstanding.

The number of musicians who are doing free online performances are providing a great service to the community. Rob Breton, Dave Greenwood, Matt Decouteaux and Scott McGrath are just a few names that come to mind.

The want of School Dept’s and Supt’s to want to support transportation companies and other services providers who cannot provide these services through no fault of either party is understandable but will be a tough sell to Solicitors and Auditors who have the law on their side. Especially when the State may for the first time in my memory allow revenues not used in this fiscal year to be transferred and used in the next fiscal year instead of going to free cash.

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