Reelect Gerard Nutter Lowell School Committee

In 2017 when running for office, besides the location of LHS my biggest concern centered on the fiscal state of the Lowell School dept.

It turned out that I was more correct than I ever wanted it to be. We owe the revolving Food service Account over $2,000,000, we had an unprecedented 2018/2019 budget shortfall due to receiving false information and the City’s Independent Auditors found in their review “We have concluded that School management intentionally withheld food service and general fund invoices during 2018 with the intent to charge the expenditures to the 2019 budget.”

We have straightened out the fiscal chaos despite current members and current school committee candidates blindly supporting the former administration and their policy.

The work isn’t over, we just had a District Wide Review by the State that will highlight areas that need improvement, we have to update and revise policies on Student Activity Accounts and put more controls in place to protect and account for these funds. The entire policy manual needs to be updated and revised and the Lowell High School project will be getting underway.

I want to continue my service to the Lowell School Department and continue to monitor and question finances and spending. I want to continue to bring in ideas and motions to treat all students fairly and equitably.

I respectfully ask for 1 of your 6 votes for the Lowell School Committee!