Another One Bites the Dust -City Treasurer Elizabeth Craveiro exiting

I did not hear the Manager mention this opening when he was on WCAP this morning (I may have missed it) but you have to assume since there is not story in the SUN (meaning he hasn’t emailed City Councilors yet) that either current City Treasurer Elizabeth Craveiro is leaving on her own or like Henri Marchand is being shown the Door by Manager Murphy.

City of Lowell
Job Description
Please Post ~ August 4, 2014 Deadline ~ August 15, 2014 Treasurer’s Department
City Treasurer/Tax Collector/Parking Clerk

You also can’t help but notice the amount of experienced fiscal talent that has left this City in the past year and been replaced by mush less experienced professionals.

Connor Baldwin is very bright and loves this City but he will tell you he is no Tom Moses. Manager Murphy is a bright guy but not the fiscal guy Manager Lynch was. Hannah York may be young and bright but has NEVER been a MA. Auditor nor has the level of experience Cheryl Wright had.

It is great to promote from within or hire your friends but you need people with Fiscal know how and in the past year there is no denying Lowell has lost a bunch of it.